In The Beginning

Well this is my first time ever cre­at­ing a blog. I think I have held off on writ­ing an entry for this great web­site my hus­band has cre­ated because of a healthy respect/fear of com­put­ers and the inter­net. The arrange­ment that my hus­band and I have in our house­hold is that I am respon­si­ble for all of the pets’ care and med­ical needs and my hus­band is respon­si­ble for all things tech­nol­ogy and com­puter. Thus, I have been able to use avoidence tech­niques to stay away from enter­ing the world of the inter­net aside from research, emailing,and my lat­est feather in the cap of mas­ter­ing google docs.  For years, my hus­band has been ask­ing me to share some of my sto­ries  and expe­ri­ences of avian and exotic med­i­cine, and this seems to be a great forum for this. It will also allow me to keep a great data­base of exotic and avian web­sites and links. I am sure by blogs will digress into sto­ries about my fam­ily that I find humer­ous as well as other cur­rent events in my life but I will try to keep a steady stream of either edu­ca­tional, humer­ous or touch­ing ani­mal sto­ries in the blog as well.

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