Road Trip Part 1: Location, Location, Location

Dur­ing my time as a poul­try res­i­dent in Colum­bus, OH, I received a call regard­ing some sick chick­ens. Loca­tion: south­east edge of Ohio. The other res­i­dent and I packed up for a two hour trip and pre­pared for a pleas­ant ride. What we could not pre­pare for was the fact that we were dri­ving into the Appalachian mountains.  As we got closer to the loca­tion, we start­ede to real­ize that we are not in “Ohio” any more. It was an amaz­ing ride through the moun­tains. In some areas there was no phone sig­nal and no place to stop. In some areas, there were iso­lated homes. It almost reminded me of upstate New York but bath tubs and satelite dishes on front lawns were not some­thing I had ever seen in my home of NY.  Need­less to say, we got lost some­where along the way and were at least 45 min­utes late. We finally stopped at a gen­eral store that could have been out of Lit­tle House on the Prairie to get direc­tions and to call the client. For­tu­nately, we weren’t far and the owner came to meet us and lead to the house.

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