Up and Running

It has been a few weeks since my last post. Between trav­el­ing and start­ing my new posi­tion, life has been keep­ing me busy. But now I am able to cre­ate a new rou­tine and things are going very well. I am lov­ing the new clinic and the staff is great. A few of the really nice attrib­utes at Car­ing Hands is a very com­puter savy prac­tice man­ager which is going to allow for very awe­some pet care sheets; a sys­tem which allows us to put the pet’s pic­ture in the record so it is printed on the paper­work; ECG and a pulse ox in surgery; and a staff that is moti­vated to learn and care for avian and exotic patients. The clinic is new and com­fort­able and we have space to devote a seper­ate area to hos­pi­tal­ized exotic pets. So come in with your furry, feath­ery, or scaly friend and I look for­ward to see­ing you :)

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