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Getting Personal

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Although I feel very blessed in every­thing I have in my life and I never want to take it for granted, I feel  a need to gripe about my tough week. It started off easy enough…Sunday morn­ing my hus­band, son and I went out early to do our gro­cery shop­ping. We splurged and bought some yummy cuts of steak, fresh deli and cheeses, and we had our meals planned for the next cou­ple of weeks. In the mid­dle of the day, I went put ice in my cup and water came pour­ing out of the ice dis­penser. This seemed like a bad thing. Once I opened the freezer, I could tell it was too warm and food was thaw­ing. So my hus­band and I shuf­fled things around, put some things in the fridge to fin­ish thaw­ing that we will cook and brought some items to our old fridge in the base­ment. I don’t use this fridge much since I didn’t trust that it could keep things as cold as they should be, but we fig­ured we may as well try. That night we were able to pur­chase a fridge but it had to be ordered so we are hop­ing to get it tomor­row. In the mean­time, I was hop­ing the com­pres­sor in the fridge would hold out while I fig­ured out where to move more things. I was not so lucky. On Mon­day morn­ing, I woke up to a warm fridge and had to many items includ­ing the deli and a roast. some items on the bot­tom shelves were still cold so this went into the freezer in our base­ment which appar­ently is act­ing like a refrig­er­a­tor. My neigh­bor was kind enough to let me use her freezer as well. So now I am pissed because I have no milk for my son or for my cof­fee. For­tu­nately My son was going to day­care and made it in time for break­fast so he could have milk. Sadly, I had to go to work with­out my cof­fee and had to wait until I could buy some milk to have a proper cup. That night, my awe­some hus­band bought a mini-fridge so that I don’t have to run up and down a flight of stairs every­time my son needs some­thing. How­ever, the fridge deliv­ery can­not come soon enough.
Now my I phone is cracked. My adorable, smart , mel­low two year old-who is always so good with my phone and hardly ever gets into trouble–had a very small tantrum which con­sisted of him tak­ing my phone and throw­ing it to the ground. The sharp smack­ing sound that could be heard when it landed, glass side down, was omi­nous. When I turned it over, I could see the web of cracks along the top half of the glass. Although it has not fully pen­e­trated all of the way through and it still actu­ally works (includ­ing the touch screen!) it is very sad to look at and each day I think the cracks are get­ting worse. We are going to see if we can keep this guy going until the next gen­er­a­tion comes out next month but I think we will have to put my phone’s card into an older model that my hus­band has (that doesn’t hold its charge). On a bright note, my son can now say “it’s bro­ken” and I think he under­stands what this means. I try not to whine too much on a daily basis because I am very grate­ful for every­thing I have–but some­times it helps just to vent. Once vented, I will find ways to find humor in this sit­u­a­tion and then move on. So thank you for bear­ing with me!

Rainbow Bridge

Friday, August 12th, 2011

So I have got­ten behind a bit in my blog­ging. It has been an extremely tough cou­ple of weeks and when the tough gets going, they stop blog­ging.  Now that things are set­tling down, I will be able to focus my thoughts.

The tough­est case I have had for a while occurred over the past few weeks. A fer­ret patient of mine has been in more recently for com­pli­ca­tions with his med­ical con­di­tions. This won­der­ful lit­tle guy is 9 years old (amaz­ing age for a fer­ret) and has a his­tory of adrenal dis­ease, insuli­noma, and car­diac dis­ease. For those not famil­iar with fer­rets, they are very prone to mul­ti­ple dis­eases that need jug­gling. He has been on an array of med­ica­tions to help is blood sugar and heart con­di­tion. Recent blood checks showed that his blood sugar level was drop­ping and he needed to go up on some meds. Just as we were sta­bi­liz­ing this, he went into con­ges­tive heart fail­ure. Over the course of 7 days, he was in and out of emer­gency clin­ics to have fluid removed from his chest, ultra­sounds to eval­u­ate his heart, and in need of med­ica­tion changes. He had one good week­end with his fam­ily before he decom­pen­sated again and his mom had to make an extremely dif­fi­cult deci­sion. Because he was strug­gling to breath and his heart could not func­tion well enough with addi­tional med­ica­tions and even oxy­gen sup­port was not help­ing him, she had to let him go. He was euth­a­nized 3 days short of his 10th birth­day.  It was a very dif­fi­cult time for his mom and it was a loss felt by three dif­fer­ent vet­eri­nary clin­ics and mul­ti­ple vets that were part of his care dur­ing his senior life. He was a remark­able fer­ret that had an incred­i­ble bond with his mom and was always so easy­go­ing and for­giv­ing no mat­ter what we asked of him. I know I will miss him so I can only imag­ine how tough the loss is for his mom. In times like these, dur­ing the dif­fi­cult loss of a pet, it helps to think that they are wait­ing for us over the Rain­bow Bridge. No mat­ter what your faith is, this poem based on a Norse leg­end explains how our pets that we are close to are wait­ing for us and we will see them again one day. While they are wait­ing to cross the rain­bow bridge with us into heaven, they are alle­vi­ated of all of there ills and pains. If any fer­ret deserved to be at the foot of the Rain­bow Bridge, it would be this amaz­ing fer­ret that pro­vided years of com­pan­ion­ship and joy and showed a spirit and will to live that was heroic.