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Don’t Forget the Pets!

Friday, August 26th, 2011

So with all of the hula­baloo about Irene and the storm we will be get­ting, it is a good idea to make sure exotic pets are ready as well. Things to keep in mind if you own an exotic pet:

1) Many can­not han­dle extremes of tem­per­a­ture. Fer­rets, rab­bits, and rodents (guinea pigs and chin­chillas) are prone to heat stress. If you lose power and the tem­per­a­ture starts to climb above 75 degrees faren­heit, I highly rec­om­mend board­ing your pets, or bring­ing these guys some­where that is air conditioned.

2) Loss of power could mean loss of heat­ing for rep­tiles. Since it is the sum­mer this may not be as bad as it is in the win­ter for the herps. How­ever, most need a hot bask­ing area of at least 95 degrees. Addi­tional heat­ing can be pro­vided by pur­chas­ing the Ther­ma­care hot patches sold in the drug store (for back aches, etc)–once opened, they heat up and stay warm for hours. But make sure you have a towel sep­a­rat­ing the rep­tile from direct con­tact and make sure it is not get­ting too hot so as to cause burns. This can also be used for sugar glid­ers (joeys) that still need addi­tional heat.

3) Water needs: Don’t for­get to pur­chase addi­tional water for your pet’s con­sump­tion and for wash­ing their dishes. It is crit­i­cal, espe­cially for birds, to main­tain good san­i­ta­tion of food and water bowls to pre­vent illness.

3) Sub­strate and food: Now is a good time to stock up on bed­ding and food in case the stores are closed or ran­sacked over the next few days. Shred­ded news­pa­per, paper tow­els, and white paper can be used as sub­strate in a pinch if you run low.

4) Light­ing out­ages: Try to use flash­lights if pos­si­ble, espe­cially if you have birds. Birds are very sen­si­tive to any­thing in the air so scented can­dles are a def­i­nite no-no.

So I hope every­one stays safe this week­end and the storm decides to shift off over the ocean. I will post next week…if I have power ;)