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Coincidence? or Alignment of the Stars?

Monday, August 29th, 2011

So  aside from some crazy wind overnight and alot of rain…my house­hold made it through the week­end hur­ri­cane unscathed…I hope you did too.

Today’s topic is the weird occur­ance of mul­ti­ple ani­mals com­ing in with sim­i­lar prob­lems in a day. This is a phe­nom­e­non that has puzzeled many a vet. I have many exam­ples of this. The lat­est is my run of eye issues. Last week, I saw three eye appoint­ments. Two were on one day–both were birds with right eye issues. Very weird. Today is con­tin­u­ing the trend as I have a bunny with eye dis­charge com­ing in. Prior to this I have gone weeks with­out eye issues. How­ever, last week I had two birds sched­uled for “check wing”  on the same day. Both were said to be hold­ing the wing funny–neither had bro­ken wings.  My col­league had a day of see­ing many large breed dogs–mostly Ger­man Shep­ards. Once, there was a week where two fer­rets were diag­nosed with diabetes–that is like being struck by light­en­ing twice.  And the list goes on. I can’t help but won­der if this hap­pens in human med­i­cine too. Does a gen­eral prac­ti­tioner all of a sud­den of have two or three appoint­ments on peo­ple com­ing in with infected cut on fin­ger? Now of course I would not count flu sea­son vis­its as that is an obvi­ous trend (and sea­sonal epi­demic) but it is fun to spec­u­late.
So for now, I will prob­a­bly chalk it up to the cycle of the moon, or align­ment of the stars until this phe­nom­e­non is fully exam­ined, researched and writ­ten in a sci­en­tific, peer reviewed journal.