The Latest News at Caring Hands!

So I thought I should update on how things are going at my prac­tice. There has been alot of excit­ing changes. First, we are get­ting alot of new and help­ful equip­ment. Ash­burn is now equiped with an ultra­sound which is so help­ful. Although I still need to prac­tice my knobol­ogy (the actual use of the machine knobs) and the sys­tem­atic exam, it is such a great tool to have and hope­fully my clients will let me con­tinue to prac­tice to improve my tech­nique.  The dig­i­tal den­tal x-ray machine has been installed and is set up. This allows us to take radi­ographs (x-rays) before the den­tal clean­ing to assess teeth and bone health. If there is a lesion, those teeth can be addressed and treated as needed.…this just adds a whole new level to the diag­nos­tic and pre­ven­tive treat­ment approach. This machine can also be used to take radi­ographs of really small patients as well. And very soon, we will be also get­ting in Dig­i­tal X-ray equip­ment.  Although our cur­rent stan­dard devel­op­ing sys­tem works very well and pro­vides great results, the dig­i­tal machine has the advan­tages of speed, abil­ity to enlarge and change con­trast as needed to assess lesions on the com­puter, and ease of send­ing films over the inter­net to other vet­eri­nar­i­ans for opin­ions and trans­fer of records.

On the avian/exotic front: we will soon be car­ry­ing Oxbow brand hays and prod­ucts for sell as well as Harrison’s bird foods. These are two brands that pro­vide high qual­ity nutri­tional prod­ucts for her­bi­vores and birds, respec­tively. Once they are in, I will update the page and cre­ate a link.

So these are the high­lights for now. As we con­tinue to grow, I will keep every­one posted.

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