Happy Thanksgiving

I am cur­rently in  the process writ­ing my post on com­par­a­tive anatomy part 2. How­ever I thought I would write a quick hol­i­day post today and get back to the other one next week.

I hope every­one had a great thankg­siv­ing. Mine was quite enjoy­able. It was very quiet, just my hus­band and son–and the oven. I ended up cook­ing a ban­quet of food. For­tu­nately my hus­band took care of the turkey on the BBQ-rotisserie style so that freed the kitchen for all of the sides and desserts. By 1:30, it was all ready and we had a Thanks­giv­ing lunch. It was yummy and we all suc­cumbed to tryp­to­phan coma and had a good nap in the late after­noon. In fact, my tod­dler slept from 3 pm to after 6 pm when I finally woke him up. So things I am thank­ful for:

Of course my fam­ily and friends who have always sup­ported me in every­thing I do. My hus­band has allowed me to make huge deci­sions in my life that has improved my qual­ity of life and has sup­ported me every step. My son is a con­stant reminder of what is truly impor­tant. I can just look at him and stop wor­ry­ing about the lit­tle things. My par­ents, in-laws, sib­lings, extended fam­ily is a won­der­ful net­work that helps ground me and remind me of the big­ger picture.

My awe­some career–I am so fur­tu­nate to have become a vet­eri­nar­ian and an avian/exotic one at that…life time goal has been ful­filled and I can appre­ci­ate it.

My cur­rent employ­ers at Car­ing Hands Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal. So sup­port­ive and smart. Com­pas­sion­ate in every­thing they do. I truly can appre­ci­ate the oppor­tu­nity they have given me.

My cats and their uncon­di­tional love, hair­balls and all.

My clients who have will­ing­ingly fol­lowed me to my new loca­tion and allowed me to con­tinue to bond with their pets.

My country–with all of the free­doms it pro­vides. We have the right to freely express our­selves in peace­ful ways, we have the right to dis­agree or agree with the gov­erne­ment, and we have the right to pur­sue life lib­erty and happiness.

I hope every­one has a great week­end, does not get top­pled over by crowds at the black fri­day sales and has plenty of left overs for the next few days.

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