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Happy New Year!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Wow, it has been over a month since I have posted.…where does the time go. Hav­ing trav­eled for a cou­ple of weeks in Decem­ber and then with the hol­i­days, and then bronchitis–well I have found many rea­sons to not get online. I hope the New Year is treat­ing every­one and their pets well. I actu­ally had my own sick pet sit­u­a­tion. Here’s what happened…

While away for a  cou­ple of weeks vis­it­ing my fam­ily, we left the cats behind with a sit­ter to come in and check on them, feed them and clean the lit­ter boxes. We got back to the house on Sun­day the 25th and the house was still in good shape aside from a few dust bun­nies (dust kit­ties?) and two areas on the hard wood floors where some­one had a hair­ball. Once again–nothing out of the ordi­nary. Every­one got set­tled for the night and things seemed to be retur­ing to nor­mal after our vaca­tion. Then in the mid­dle of the night, I heard a cat meow­ing over and over until it esca­lated to a yowl­ing. Like any other good pet par­ent, I can tell by the voice, which cat it was. I yelled at “Isaac” to be quiet and he stopped for a bit. Then he did it again. By morn­ing, my hus­band and I were both pretty annoyed. This hap­pened again for a cou­ple of nights, and also peri­od­i­cally through the day. I talked with him, pal­pated his abdomen, looked at his teeth and could not see any­thing obvi­ous. I was get­ting ready to take the cat to the doc­tor for fur­ther diag­nos­tics but then I found some­thing that I thought could be the rea­son. I started to find mice poop in the kitchen. Ack!!! I love mice–Micky. My patients that live in cages. BUT. NOT. IN.MY.HOUSE. So We bought traps, I cleaned every­thing out, emp­tied all cab­i­nets and draw­ers, resealed around the pipes,  and we waited. Now the last time we had a mouse, the first one to know was Isaac. He meowed dur­ing the night so I finally thought I had his yowl­ing fig­ured out.  After a few days of Oper­a­tion Mouse Trap we still had no mouse and Isaac was still meow­ing. There was no more evi­dence of the mouse so think I sealed him out dur­ing the ini­tial oper­a­tion. But Isaac was still unhappy. So this meant a trip to the vet. For­tu­nately this just meant he got to ride to work with me.  He did pretty well for blood­work, quick check with Dr. Cur­rie Kay–my cat’s vet (I refuse to make believe I can actu­ally be my own cat vet since not only have I not worked up a cat since vet school but these are my babies and I am not objec­tive), and the cys­to­cen­te­sis for urine sam­pling. A cys­to­cen­te­sis is when a nee­dle is poked into the blad­der to draw out urine. The ultra­sound showed a lit­tle shadow so we took a radi­ograph to make sure there was no blad­der stone that could be caus­ing dis­com­fort. Instead there was a cat intes­tine full of poop. My poor cat was con­sti­pated. To put the pieces together, we are think­ing that Isaac may not have drank as well while I was away and this dehy­drated him a bit and now he is con­sti­pated and per­haps strain­ing to poop. So with a course of sub­cu­ta­neous flu­ids for a few days and lax­tone, he has improved tremen­dously and no longer cries in the night. If you were won­der­ing how I I could miss that he wasn’t pooping—anyone with more than one cat knows that it is dif­fi­cult to know who is doing what in the lit­ter box. I am very relieved to know that there is noth­ing else going on. Blood­work and urine were nor­mal, thy­roid was nor­mal. Soon he will be sched­uled for a den­tal clean­ing but at least my old guy is back to him­self. Thank you staff and doc­tors at Car­ing Hands Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal in Ash­burn for tak­ing such good care of Isaac and not mak­ing fun of me for being a neu­rotic pet owner.