The latest

So now things are going full force between Ash­burn and Alexan­dria. Although it is a trick to some­times remem­ber where I need to drive in the morn­ing, it has been workng out really well. Alexandria’s loca­tion is great and easy to get to from the belt­way and we are already up and run­ning see­ing all kinds of exotics.
The new phone num­ber is 703–778-2500.

In the mean­time, I am still get­ting every­thing I need for my new aquar­ium. I am wait­ing for the aquar­ium stand to come in the mail and then I can start to set up the actual tank. Once the tank is set, I need to fill it with water and let it sit for a cou­ple of days prior to get­ting my fish. Once it is set, I will post a picture.

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