Here Fishie, Fishie, Fishie…

tank with float­ing the bag of fish

Well, I did it. I finally got my act together and the aquar­ium is now set up. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get it done. My friend at work gave me her aquar­ium and heater, fil­ter, and air bub­bler. On Sun­day, I sat on the floor try­ing to fig­ure out how the fil­ter pieces needed to be put together and had no luck. So we took a fam­ily trip the the aquar­ium store and they were very help­ful in show­ing me how to put together the fil­ter. I was also able to buy my gravel, water chem­i­cals for con­di­tion­ing, aquar­ium back­ground, a siphon, and get some basic edu­ca­tion. That night, after Ari went to bed I was able set the aquar­ium on the stand–I had already checked the tank for leaks–and now the water was in, the chem­i­cals, the heater and fil­ter and light were setup. I then let the tank run for 24 hours. When Ari saw the tank set up Mon­day, he was so excited. He thought we already had fish in there but couldn’t find them. I explained we have get the fish on Tues­day so we had to wait until the tank was ready. Since Mon­day was Ari’s birth­day, he received alot of phone calls from fam­ily and friends and every­time he spoke to some­one the first thing out of his mouth was “I’m get­ting fishies” so I know he was thrilled about it. On Tues­day morn­ing I dropped Ari off at day care and with a water sam­ple in hand, made my way to a pet­store. They checked the water to make sure it was free of nitrates, nitrites and chlo­rine and check the pH. With the two thumbs up, I picked out my fish–I mean Ari’s Fish. I pur­chased a neon green tetra glofish, a galac­tic pur­ple danio glofish, and a starfire red danio glofish. Once I got them home, I went through the process of accli­mat­ing them–floating the bag, slowly putting tank water in the bag, And then releas­ing them  by net. The two danio’s seem to adjust quickly but the tetra kept swim­ming towards the side and def­i­nitely seemed more con­fused than the oth­ers. Once accli­mated for a while, I fed the fishies and let them be. When my son came home from day care, he was thrilled with the new fish. I asked him what he wanted to call them and he named them clown fish green, clown fish, pur­ple, and clown­fish red…I will ask him  again tomor­row what he would like to name them. So hope­fully these guys sur­vive the next few weeks as that can be the tough­est time on the fish. I will keep you posted.

Fish tank all set up

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